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Accelera 255/30 R21 95W PHI 2023


Details & Pricing
Size 255/30 R21
Serc Desc 95W
Country Indonesia
Year 2023
Fully Fitted Price per Tyre
AED 2,804.00
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Introducing the Accelera 255/30 R21 95W PHI, the all-season performance tyre that excels in handling and flexibility on various road surfaces. Featuring a dynamic medium lateral groove and a straight, medium rib, the PHI is covered by Accelera's mileage warranty. Whether you're a budding racer or in search of a reliable everyday tyre, the PHI is your ideal choice. With versatility, a 400 treadwear rating, and exceptional grip and cornering abilities, it's the perfect tyre to enhance your driving experience. Get your set now at AutoStudio and drive with confidence, no matter the road ahead!
SKU: AMAP-100086
Pattern PHI
Tyre Size 255/30 R21
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty
Brand Accelera
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