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Deestone 195/70 R15 92V Payak R402 2023

Payak R402

Details & Pricing
Size 195/70 R15
Serc Desc 92V
Country South Korea
Year 2023
Fully Fitted Price per Tyre
AED 1,096.00
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Enhance your commercial van or truck's performance with the Deestone 195/70 R15 92V Payak R402, a highway terrain, all-season tyre built for all-weather traction, exceptional controllability, and increased load durability. Its ribbed tread pattern, combined with an all-season compound, provides outstanding grip and safety in diverse conditions. The circumferential grooves prevent hydroplaning, ensuring year-round traction. Experience precise steering and driving stability as this tyre maintains solid road contact. The reinforced steel belt structure increases load durability, making it the ideal choice for delivery vehicles. Elevate your vehicle's capabilities and durability with this exceptional tyre from AutoStudio.
SKU: AMAP-101074
Pattern Payak R402
Tyre Size 195/70 R15
Warranty Period 1 Year Warranty
Brand Deestone
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