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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Personal and Private Details of Customer

Personal and private information provided by customers on is of highest importance to us and we ensure the confidentiality and security of the customer data. The website has been designed in such a way that you can also browse the website without feeding any information unless required.

Some of the required information for the purpose of business purpose shall be name, address (residence or office), make or model of the vehicle, registered number plate of the vehicle, mobile number of the customer and email address. We do not and will not share, sell, rent or trade the customer information provided to us on the site with any third-party organizations. The information taken from the customer is used for processing the orders, update and customize our website as per the requirements of the customer or share the latest product updates that is useful to the customer. If in case customer does not want to receive any update about then we provide the option to unsubscribe by which customer will not receive any communication any longer. does neither stores any kind of debit or credit card information or identifiable information of the customer nor we sell, share, rent or lease the information to any third party.

Online Orders Details

All customers who place order online using will be redirected to highly safe and secured payment gateway/financial institution through which the entire payment transaction is processed. We, will not store any credit or debit card information of the customer on our site. In case of any malicious activity occurs on our website or at the payment gateway site, then we will share the information of the customer for fraud detection and future protection purpose. We have mutual agreement with such companies and institutions to not share any customer information with any other purposes.

With the help of the advance technology used on any customer's credit or debit card information fed shall be encrypted and scrambled preventing it from getting hacked or intercepted. For additional security, we do not allow the customer to store the credit or debit card information on our website. In short, you need to feed the information separately, each time customer purchases from We have also added the best-in-class SSL certificates and integrated with best in the industry payment processing institution by which customer's banking details, card information and other confidential details are highly secured and protected.

Cookies Storage uses the special technique like other websites to store the browser cookies in your device or computer. The permission to allow the cookies to access the system will be provided to the customer and based on the sole permission it will be processed. If the permission is denied, then we will not be able to identify the system and connect with the identifiable proof provided to The cookie will just provide us the information of all the functions that customer performs on the website which enables in tracking the transactions. The purpose of the cookie also helps in understanding the traffic patterns of the visitors on and enabling in improving the user experience. Every browser used for online websites offers the option to accept or reject the cookies. In case the cookies are rejected then at times some features do not function appropriately.

Third Party will share some of the non-personal customer information with the third-party associations like tyre manufacturers, business partners or traders. may use the some of the basic information of the customers like the choice of tyres, interest in other car products, or what products are used by the customers to the third party. This mentioned information will not include any person, identifiable or financial information of the customer. also implements cookie-based ads by which we will show you the desired product ads which we advertise. As per the contract and terms & conditions with and the customer, we shall not share any personal or identifiable information to any third-party agency or organization. The technology that we use just comprises of the website visits, advertisement based on your search or interest on products and services that we have and identify your browser. We also use the web beacons to manage the online ads that we place and identify the cookie in your browser so that we can understand about the product interest to showcase the ads. As per our agreement with our third-party agency managing the ad server has confirmed that the technology shall not collect any personal information of the customer. also uses different types of third-party analytics tools for managing the online activities of the visitors on the website. This helps us in improving the user experience and updating enhance the user interface. The purpose of the third-party analytics tools is to analyse the number of visitors online, aggregate the usage, and measure the volume of information statistically. These information are useful for the admin for managing the relevant content, upgrading the product information and mapping user requirements. The information gathered by the third-party analytical tools may or may not gather the following information like path of the user browsing the site, visitor viewing the site, general information like the ISP of the user, location and host. It may or may not include the time spent on the website and list of pages visited by the user. These are not the personal information of the customer rather just the navigation and user general information which helps in modifying the website, interacting with customer, and understanding the user interest in better way by making the experience much smoother and more relevant.

External Links may or may not include links to external websites and it does not take any responsibility for the third-party sites. Customer has to ensure that the privacy policy of third-party sites are different and we have no control over it.

Social Media Plugins Used uses some of the well-known social media plugins for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, etc. to reach users and interact with them. The plugins of each of these social media networks are identifiable on our website through their respective logos. Whenever any user visits a website with the social media plugs then the plugin directly establishes connection with your social media and receives information and content to the browser. For such reasons the internet address of the site is transferred to USA based Facebook or Twitter server where the actual data of the user is stored. This scenario occurs when the user is not logged into the social media account at the time of browsing or if the user does not have any social media account.

In case the user visiting is logged into the social media account at the time of browsing and takes any action, for example 'Likes' or 'Comments', on the social media page through the plugin then the information will be transmitted to Facebook or Twitter on which the action was taken. The information passed through the plugin can be shared on the social media account of the user and it will also be visible to the friends in user's network. To understand the scope of information and data gathered by these social media websites, please refer their private policy given on their respective websites. By using the plugin on our website, you can sign-in the social media accounts. This will help you in authenticating yourself and allow you to share certain personal information like the name, email ID, and location for generating the sign-up form.

Online Chat offers chat services to assist customers with their queries along with email and phone services. In case our chat services is disabled then we will collect the basic information like name, mobile number and email ID so that we can contact the customer to respond the query.


The privacy policy of was last updated on 31st July 2023, and it is subject to change as and when the management of decides. As and when the changes are done, we shall highlight the same on our website, so we encourage our customers to frequently visit this page and check the latest information. The modification will be effective as soon as we post it online.

For any queries, comments or suggestions regarding or our policies, please reach us at: or 04 284 3949