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Return or Refund Policy

Return or Refund Policy

Any customer who has purchased product from shall be entitled for a refund or return only if:

The customer will be liable for refund if the product has been returned the product in the unused condition. Customer will be eligible for the refund of money only if the condition of product is intact as purchased. If it is opened, mounted on rim, driven, unpacked and any of the parts are missing then in such cases, customer will not be liable for refund. The customer has not returned the product but is eligible then the customer will be given full credit.

If the product that has been ordered by the customer has not left the warehouse and within that duration, if the customer cancels the order, then no kind of deduction will be made. If the product has been shipped and after that, the order is cancelled then the customer has to bear the shipping cost for returning the product. has the right to charge the amount from the customer for any direct or indirect loss of the product due to the return of goods.

Any charges related to the overstocking or administration charges will not be levied by on the customer. For complete understanding of the total cost incurred, customer can contact our service centre. The cost of the goods return depends on the size and make of the product so it may differ from product to product.

We shall use only standard mode of payment for refunds.